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iPhone 4S Repairs

For iPhone 4S Customers: Glass and LCD Repairs must be fixed together. Check FAQ for more info.

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  • Why are the LCD and Glass Repaired together?

    Many people try to buy just the glass or the LCD for iPhone 4S Repairs to save money.  The way Apple designed the iPhone 4S requires that the LCD and Glass be together before the phix.  They are fused together at the manufacturers plants to exact iPhone specifications.  Don’t be a victim and let us help you get the original iPhone Repair.

  • Why get it Phixed, not buy a new iPhone, or go to Apple?

    We are your #1 solution for iPhone Repair.  If you try to buy a new iPhone without extending your contract, you are looking at $300-500 to get a new phone.  You could phix your iPhone 3 times over at that price! Also, Apple will sometimes choose to replace someone’s iPhone for free (if you are a cute girl and bat your eyes), but 9 times out of 10 they won’t.  Their current rate is $200 for iPhone 3G replacement, and that can be beneficial in some situations… look below.

  • Is iPhone insurance really that great?

    Many people are fooled by Best Buy iPhone insurance and other iPhone insurance companies.  On average, you pay $15 a month for the insurance.  That adds up to $180 a year in insurance premiums alone.  If you make a claim on the iPhone, you usually have a $100 deductible for a iPhone 3G and a $200 deductible for iPhone 4s. Essentially, that’s $280-$380 for iPhone repair! Please don’t fall victim to these insurance companies. Your best bet is to take your 1 break a year to iPhixiPhone or to Apple for extreme water damage.

  • When do I go to Apple? Water Damage!

    Now, there are certain situations that you should go to Apple.  Water damage is the worst.  Sometimes it can be phixed with a simple tweak, and then other times, you have to replace the whole phone.  If you turn on your iPhone after water damage and it goes out after, you have a logic board failure.  That would be $400 just to get the OEM logic board.  Those situations you are better off going to Apple and paying their $200 fee.

All repairs use original iPhone parts and an option to fix it yourself with one of our DIY kits! Just click Phix It to continue!

Digitizer/LCD Replacement
Home Button Replacement
Water Damage Diagnosis
Broken Glass -
Touch Screen Loss -
Broken LCD (Pixels Out) -
Blank (White) Screen
Home Button -
Water Damage
Turned on after Water Damage
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