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For iPhone 5 Customers: Glass and LCD Repairs must be fixed together. Check FAQ for more info.


  • Why are the LCD and Glass Repaired together?

    Apple design decisions are to fuse the LCD and Digitizer together. We use the original parts from China. Which means the parts are fused together at the manufacturers plants to exact iPhone specifications.

  • Why get it Phixed, not buy a new iPhone, or go to Apple?

    We are your #1 solution for iPhone Repair.  If you try to buy a new iPhone without extending your contract, you are looking at $300-500 to get a new phone.  Current iPhones on ebay are $300 + for iPhone 4/4s replacements.

  • Is iPhone insurance really that great?

    Many people are fooled by iPhone insurance companies.  On average, you pay $8 a month for the insurance plus a deductible to get the phone replaced.  You do the math:

    $96 in premiums a year + $200 Deductible = $296


    $150 iPhixiPhone Repair


  • When do I go to Apple? Water Damage!

    Water damage is the worst. Go to Apple! From our experience, water damage cannot be fully repaired. iPhix can phix your screen, but eventually the screen will go out again due to the corrosion from the water damage. The real water damage is in the corrosion.

All repairs use original iPhone parts and take 30 mins to complete.  Just click Phix It to set up an appointment!

Digitizer/LCD Replacement
Home Button Replacement
Water Damage Diagnosis
Broken Glass -
Touch Screen Loss -
Broken LCD (Pixels Out) -
Blank (White) Screen
Home Button -
Water Damage
Turned on after Water Damage
Phix It Phix It Phix It